Math  did  not  inspire  too  much  excitement  for  me  as  a  school  student.  I  was  above  average  in  my class  work,  seldom  did  I  struggle  with  it,  and  even  liked  solving  mathematical  puzzles occasionally.  But  math  was  something  that  I  considered  as  a  dry  and  abstract  ‘subject’  with  no apparent  connection  to  real  life.  Though  there  were  few  who  were  passionate  about  math  at  that age  itself, most  shared my  aversion to it. This  aversion,  or  to  be  fair  to  myself,  nonchalance  to  its  beauty,  in  my  opinion  can  be  attributed  to having  a  really  constrained  and  myopic  view  of  the  subject.  My  journey,  or  most  student’s  journey for  that matter, of  exploring  this field  can  be  metaphorized by  exploration of  a  huge  and  beautiful mansion  in  the  dark.  You  enter  it.  It  is  dark  all  over.  You  grope  in  the  darkness  for  finding  where everything  is  situated.  Maybe  you  stumble  and  fall  once,  but  slowly  and  certainly  your  eyes  get accustomed to the  dark and  you  get a feel of the  place.  Finally,  you find the  switchboard and with the  glorious  light  flooding  in,  you  have  that  moment  of  enlightenment…and  are  mesmerized  by  the beauty  of  how  elegantly  and  symmetrically  everything  comes  together.  You  finally  see  the  big picture. Because  we  stumbled  through  the  hours  of  theory,  groped  around  as  we  learnt  how  to  solve differential  equations,  our  head  spinning  with  the  plentitude  of  symbols  and  variables,  can  we  now stand  stunned  in  the  dazzling  beauty  of  what  math  can  do.  If  one  says  that  math  has  applications in so  many  fields,  I  would correct him/her  by  saying  that all those  fields  are  but manifestations  of math  tied  to  a  particular  physical  quantity.  The  most  exciting  and  the  coolest  ideas  that  we  have today  exist  because  someone  worked  out  its  math.  For  making  sense  of  anything,  to  make  any  idea concrete  you need math. And  mathematics  is  huge.  Once  you  have  are  done  drinking  up  the  scene  of  one  room  of  the mansion,  you  can  embark  on  another  adventure  as  you  go  through  similar  stages  while  learning about  the  adjoining  room.  You  grow  into  it  and  just  can’t  stop  exploring  one  room  after  another. The  balance, the symmetry, the magic makes  you  fall  hopelessly  in love  with it! 


 3rd  Year,  B.E. (Hons) 

BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus 




We love twists in stories,don’t we?

So here, I, Arnav Pramanik would love to share my vision towards Mathematics.
I was always a person who used to love playing with numbers,I still love it.The journey of Mathematics and me was quite challenging.

I practiced Mathematics regularly.I worked hard.I loved doing it too.Maths being an enigmatic subject of numbers I enjoy involving myself in it. Ironically, my 10th grade Mathematics performance wasn’t up to the mark.So I would love to work hard in future and have
an academical achievement in Mathematics.I feel Mathematrix will be one such opportunity for me.Being a lover of Apple and
Steve Jobs I love his inspiring quote ‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can bring about a change are the ones who do ’

– On behalf of all the students out there, for whom Maths is definitely more than a subject to be studied for grades,

Arnav Pramanik.


R.A.Podar College Of Commerce & Economics.



I read about this post on Facebook about sharing any of your experiences with Mathematics. And I couldn’t just ignore the post. It was regarding MATHS, a subject I loved, a subject which I excelled in, and a subject which I eventually gave up; but MATHS never seemed to give up on me.

        That’s the thing about it; it forms the basis of your life. You either make a profession out of it, to all the bankers, engineers, architects, charted accountants out there. And even when you feel, that your professional life or personal life isn’t connected to it, Maths keeps giving special appearances in your life. For example, for a fashion designer, you might start believing that it’s a creative field, who requires maths…but hello, what about the measurements! From the chai walas to the rickshaw walas , everyone’s lives revolves around it.

      As school kids, we used to argue, “Arithmetics is important later on, agreed…but what about algebra and geometry, why would we need those, unless we become engineers?” That’s when our Maths teacher used to say,”Trust me on this, you’ll require all of these..and that’s when you’ll remember my words.” Today, as I look back, I am grateful that I took her words seriously.
     While studying Medicine, there were so many subjects where I needed to use all those ‘(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2ab’ formulae and logarithms and graphs. Be it checking the efficacy and potency of drugs from the dose-response graphs or studying the various diseases affecting the different strata of the community; it kept sneaking intermittently.

      Maths is numbers after all. And nobody, but a doctor can understand the difference between 10 and 10.1 , better . Your haemoglobin is 12.5, you get to donate blood; if it is 12.4, you simply can’t! What is ECG?…it’s nothing but a simple graph. But, if you interpret it correctly you can save lives; and for a doctor, you can’t just afford to do otherwise. If a particular angle (the sub public angle) in a female pelvic bone is less than 85°, her pelvis is said to be inadequate for child birth and that’ll change her treatment protocols. So in a jist, what I mean to say is, that even when, I thought I am a biology student, Maths is what actually decided the further application of biology.

       That’s how important Maths has been in my life! I’m sure it has played a key role in yours too. It’s time we give it, it’s due credit!

-On behalf of all the doctors out there,
Dr.Ankita Naik

Journey of Mathematrix

Journey of mathematrix

It is said that moments create memories.

“Enjoy the moments and you will the cherish the memories for life.”

The 3 years with Maths Association of Podar seems to be a matter of just yesterday.

I simply close my eyes thinking of Mathematrix and the wonderful memories come flooding to my mind.

I still remember the day when I promised myself that I will NOT participate in any event in my FYBCom.

But the “Call of Maths” became irresistible for the maths lover within me and I participated in “Maths Quest” organized in September 2013.

But Alas!!! I was eliminated in the 1st round itself in a tie breaker.😢

“Failures are the stepping stone to success”

After the elimination, I volunteered myself to help the team in correcting the answer sheets of further rounds.

At the end of event I promised the CP that I’ll be a part of Mathematrix again next year (as a participant, of course)

Representing and winning 1st prize for the college in Inter Collegiate Maths Paper Presentation in Jan 2014 was the 1st feather added to my cap. All thanks to the opportunity given by MAP.

It was nearly end of FYBCom when I received a call asking if could handle content development for Mathematrix 2014.

I readily accepted 🙂

It was during Mathematrix 2014, i learnt the basics of corporate life.

Be it working with a team, time management, meeting deadlines and and handling multiple tasks simultaneously- Mathematrix 14 taught me in a way which, I feel, no B- School can.

Next year I was appointed as the Treasurer for Mathematrix 2015.

This responsibility gave me a practical experience of all the functions of management.

To add a cherry to the cake was Mathematrix Intra 2016.

To summarize Mathematrix is an emotion which has became a part of my life.

– Shashank Sah
  Treasurer, Mathematrix 2015



       Look, honestly speaking I never felt I would be the one writing a blog post for The Maths Association Of Podar, for I am one of the person who DISLIKED Maths. But I have to admit that Podar’s Mathematrix has been one of the most amazing experiences so far. Just one meet with the volunteering team was enough to change my perspective, exposing the world of Maths , unfamiliar and never seen !

I can never forget the day when I was added to the Podar Mathematrix 2016 Whatsapp group and our organizers told us that we had a chance to revolutionize Maths stream! Obviously like most of them I ignored all these texts, until there finally dawned the day, when I was expected at the third volunteer meeting (which was my first one). I was awestruck to look at people of my age bursting with enthusiasm and ideas that may sound vague but simply incredulous. It was like ideas from every corner of the room swarming up my mind with excitement, for I honestly never felt that Maths had a side so exciting!

Well who knew that there’s Maths involved in archery? Well who knew that there’s a reason behind 360°in a circle and 60 minutes in an hour? And that fashion too was interconnected with Maths! With answers to all these questions and much more please allow us Podarites to present to you ” Podar Mathematrix 2016 ” with its exhibitions and seminars debating on topics like Maths and illusionary, Braille, Foot pool, Actuarial science and much more !

Podar Mathematrix is the first fest of the Podar college, unique and a brand in its own. But as we follow the podar USP, Podarites don’t believe in participating in their own fests because we accept as true, that working towards making such events a success, just adds to the joy. So give us a chance to serve you and take you along this math-o-crazy expedition in the world of Maths.


On the behalf of all enthusiastic volunteers,

Durgeshri Patil

Team Mathematrix 2016

R.A.Podar College.