Look, honestly speaking I never felt I would be the one writing a blog post for The Maths Association Of Podar, for I am one of the person who DISLIKED Maths. But I have to admit that Podar’s Mathematrix has been one of the most amazing experiences so far. Just one meet with the volunteering team was enough to change my perspective, exposing the world of Maths , unfamiliar and never seen !

I can never forget the day when I was added to the Podar Mathematrix 2016 Whatsapp group and our organizers told us that we had a chance to revolutionize Maths stream! Obviously like most of them I ignored all these texts, until there finally dawned the day, when I was expected at the third volunteer meeting (which was my first one). I was awestruck to look at people of my age bursting with enthusiasm and ideas that may sound vague but simply incredulous. It was like ideas from every corner of the room swarming up my mind with excitement, for I honestly never felt that Maths had a side so exciting!

Well who knew that there’s Maths involved in archery? Well who knew that there’s a reason behind 360°in a circle and 60 minutes in an hour? And that fashion too was interconnected with Maths! With answers to all these questions and much more please allow us Podarites to present to you ” Podar Mathematrix 2016 ” with its exhibitions and seminars debating on topics like Maths and illusionary, Braille, Foot pool, Actuarial science and much more !

Podar Mathematrix is the first fest of the Podar college, unique and a brand in its own. But as we follow the podar USP, Podarites don’t believe in participating in their own fests because we accept as true, that working towards making such events a success, just adds to the joy. So give us a chance to serve you and take you along this math-o-crazy expedition in the world of Maths.


On the behalf of all enthusiastic volunteers,

Durgeshri Patil

Team Mathematrix 2016

R.A.Podar College.


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