Journey of Mathematrix

Journey of mathematrix

It is said that moments create memories.

“Enjoy the moments and you will the cherish the memories for life.”

The 3 years with Maths Association of Podar seems to be a matter of just yesterday.

I simply close my eyes thinking of Mathematrix and the wonderful memories come flooding to my mind.

I still remember the day when I promised myself that I will NOT participate in any event in my FYBCom.

But the “Call of Maths” became irresistible for the maths lover within me and I participated in “Maths Quest” organized in September 2013.

But Alas!!! I was eliminated in the 1st round itself in a tie breaker.😢

“Failures are the stepping stone to success”

After the elimination, I volunteered myself to help the team in correcting the answer sheets of further rounds.

At the end of event I promised the CP that I’ll be a part of Mathematrix again next year (as a participant, of course)

Representing and winning 1st prize for the college in Inter Collegiate Maths Paper Presentation in Jan 2014 was the 1st feather added to my cap. All thanks to the opportunity given by MAP.

It was nearly end of FYBCom when I received a call asking if could handle content development for Mathematrix 2014.

I readily accepted 🙂

It was during Mathematrix 2014, i learnt the basics of corporate life.

Be it working with a team, time management, meeting deadlines and and handling multiple tasks simultaneously- Mathematrix 14 taught me in a way which, I feel, no B- School can.

Next year I was appointed as the Treasurer for Mathematrix 2015.

This responsibility gave me a practical experience of all the functions of management.

To add a cherry to the cake was Mathematrix Intra 2016.

To summarize Mathematrix is an emotion which has became a part of my life.

– Shashank Sah
  Treasurer, Mathematrix 2015


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