I read about this post on Facebook about sharing any of your experiences with Mathematics. And I couldn’t just ignore the post. It was regarding MATHS, a subject I loved, a subject which I excelled in, and a subject which I eventually gave up; but MATHS never seemed to give up on me.

        That’s the thing about it; it forms the basis of your life. You either make a profession out of it, to all the bankers, engineers, architects, charted accountants out there. And even when you feel, that your professional life or personal life isn’t connected to it, Maths keeps giving special appearances in your life. For example, for a fashion designer, you might start believing that it’s a creative field, who requires maths…but hello, what about the measurements! From the chai walas to the rickshaw walas , everyone’s lives revolves around it.

      As school kids, we used to argue, “Arithmetics is important later on, agreed…but what about algebra and geometry, why would we need those, unless we become engineers?” That’s when our Maths teacher used to say,”Trust me on this, you’ll require all of these..and that’s when you’ll remember my words.” Today, as I look back, I am grateful that I took her words seriously.
     While studying Medicine, there were so many subjects where I needed to use all those ‘(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2ab’ formulae and logarithms and graphs. Be it checking the efficacy and potency of drugs from the dose-response graphs or studying the various diseases affecting the different strata of the community; it kept sneaking intermittently.

      Maths is numbers after all. And nobody, but a doctor can understand the difference between 10 and 10.1 , better . Your haemoglobin is 12.5, you get to donate blood; if it is 12.4, you simply can’t! What is ECG?…it’s nothing but a simple graph. But, if you interpret it correctly you can save lives; and for a doctor, you can’t just afford to do otherwise. If a particular angle (the sub public angle) in a female pelvic bone is less than 85°, her pelvis is said to be inadequate for child birth and that’ll change her treatment protocols. So in a jist, what I mean to say is, that even when, I thought I am a biology student, Maths is what actually decided the further application of biology.

       That’s how important Maths has been in my life! I’m sure it has played a key role in yours too. It’s time we give it, it’s due credit!

-On behalf of all the doctors out there,
Dr.Ankita Naik


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